Advantages of Konjac Sponge from Wuhan Bebevisa, China
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Konjac sponge made by Wuhan Bebevisa Biotech Co., a kind of edible "skin care product". Konjac cleaning cotton(for skin) using 100% pure natural organic plant fiber, without adding any sterilization, fragrance, plasticizer. Every product is tested through very strict testing, so that it can guarantee the absolute green and safety of the product.

The main component of the konjac is glucomannan, and the main function of glucomannan is to keep moisture and lock water in deep cleanness and antiphlogistic sterilization. Our sponge konjac glucomannan content above 95%, the higher the content of plant fiber strength is higher, it is not easy to loose sponge and rotting away, the effect is better.

Glucomannan can keep konjac clean. Sponge surface has a 3D tiny hole. Put it in water, you can see bacteria, dust, through a hole can be discharged with the water is dirty. It is no easy to breed bacteria.  Storage: natural air drying or refrigerator storage.

Konjac sponge is a weak acid, which can effectively integrate the pH value of the skin, deep clean pores, pores away rubbish, with potent cleansing ability. The quality of the konjac sponge is very soft, and the frictional force will not hurt the skin.

Sensitive skin, even infant skin can be also considerate. Long term use is a skin care tool that can truly nourish skin.

Our products have been detected within 100 of the total bacteria, and the international regulations on the bacterial content of skin care products are within 1000. We are a real skin care tool for skin care.

The sponges produced by some companies are not called sponges, but they belong to a synthetic sponge. It contains other additives and is poisonous, not to mention skin care. Other companies also produce konjac sponges, but they are sponges, starches, or too much starch. When you use their sponges for a long time, it break out for some time. What's more, it is called natural chemistry synthetic sponge. It only adds a little konjac into the sponge. The essence of this plant component is still a kind of synthetic sponge. It is not pure natural at all, but it can not used as skin care tool.