Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Reduce indoor air pollution - As bamboo charcoal absorbs harmful chemical in the air, it is especially useful for absorbing formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene in the air when there is painting done, or strong smelling adhesive is used indoors, or when antifreeze is kept indoors. It also reduces smog as it absorbs carbonic oxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, benzopyrene, nicotine, tar etc are found in smog, that is harmful to the human body. 

Purifying drinking water - As bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, bamboo charcoal also possess similar properties. Bamboo charcoal also absorbs 2,4-dichloro-hydroxybenzene, a major harmful pollutant in drinking water. Bamboo charcoal also eliminates harmful substances such as surplus chlorine, chloroform, and contains rich natural mineral, like, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium etc. So water quality can be improved when bamboo charcoal is used in cooking and boiling. Adjusting humidity - As bamboo charcoal contains lots of pores and almost contains no moisture; it is effective in reducing humidity. When the humidity in the air is less than the bamboo charcoal, it will release moisture in the air humidifying the room. 

Promote metabolism and blood circulation - As bamboo charcoal absorbs and emit far infrared rays, the far infrared radiation will promote blood circulation. Bamboo charcoal inserted in mattresses, cushion and comforters can make the user warm up faster. De-odorizing - As bamboo charcoal absorbs gases and decomposes it to carbon dioxide and other harmless gases, bamboo charcoal is often placed in refrigerators, near trash cans to absorb odor. Insoles containing bamboo charcoal also reduces the odor well. Release negative ions - More accurately, the infrared rays emitted constantly from bamboo charcoal reduce moisture in the air into fine particles that naturally change into negative ions. "Stale air" in office buildings which causes depression and exhaustion comes from recycling pollutants in the air. Another culprit of stale air is the computers and printers which we rely on so often in our offices. This "stale air" is bad for our health and is usually positively charged air particles and can often be remedied by airing regularly or neutralizing with negative ions.

Due to industrialization, air pollution and water pollution are becoming serious environmental problems. Bamboo charcoal products are not only functionally sound, but also good for protecting the environment as no chemicals are required for these products to have such wonderful properties.

The following are some other reasons why bamboo charcoal products are gaining popularity. 
(1) high-grade wood charcoal reduced rapidly and almost exhausted; 
(2) bamboo grows very fast, reaching maturity in 5 years, hence easily replaced. 
(3) bamboo charcoal has better properties and can replace the high quality wood charcoal made from hardwood; 
(4) bamboo charcoal is strong and can be cut into different shapes. 

Hence the future of bamboo charcoal is bright in the future to come.

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