Can Konjac Sponge Help with Sun-damaged skin?
- May 17, 2018 -

Can Konjac Sponge Help with Sun-damaged skin?

The answer is yes.

If you have a sun-damaged skin, a Konjac Sponge will help you slough off the dull and dry flakes that come along with it.

To shield your skin from the harmful sun rays, you need to frequently wear a sunscreen each day or whenever you think your skin will be exposed so much to the sun.

The konjac sponge is excellent for anyone with a sunburnt skin. It sloughs off those dead cells, giving way to a new, fresher skin.

You can also use the konjac sponge to get rid of the stubborn sunscreens that often stick to the skin and can’t be washed easily using a cleanser.

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