Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Sesame oil is filled with ingredients that are capable of providing a nice and silky texture for your skin. Presence of fatty acids along with linoleic acid makes them an effective moisturizer for skin. They are also rich in vitamin E, D and B complex which makes them effective enough to reduce scars and other rashes on the skin. In fact they find themselves an active ingredient in many of the modern cosmetic products.

They have high amount of viscosity and this particular property makes them good for massaging, they are capable of penetrating deep into the pores of skin. This penetrative power helps the oil to work from inside the surface of skin and thereby regulating the circulation of blood.

Konjac spongeis a kind of 100% natural sponge for cleaning face and body. It is made from konjac the plant.

Konjac Sponge benefits: 

 Cleanses skin pores in eliminating blackheads, dirt & oil.

 Kills acne/pimples-causing bacteria.

 Naturally moisturizes your skin when use.

 Gently exfoliates your skin, bringing in natural shine.

 Balances out the pH of your skin.

 Ideal for people with hypersensitive skin.

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