glucomannan of konjac sponge, mask
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Wuhan Bebevisa Biotechnology Co. Ltd. has conducted research of glucomannan of konjac products development and application for more than 15 years. Glucomannan has the largest expansion force, while there is toughness than any kind of plant gum, which can fill stomach, eliminate hunger. Because the heat is minimal, it can achieve weight control and purpose of body-building. Our company independently developed and manufactured the technology and put it into production. Finally excellent and effective konjac sponge, mask, towel, wipe came out in the market. The quality is excellent. After entering the market, it is loved by the majority of the people who love beauty, and has been well recognized in the foreign market. It is very popular and trendy in beauty, comestic and skin care fields.