Green Clay Konjac Sponge
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Green Clay konjac Sponge

This green konjac spongecontains green clay and is specially targeted for oily or combination skin. The properties of green clay involve protecting the skin against bacteria, dirt, and oil.

Green clay is proved to be beneficial for those who have normal skin type but with the occasional zits here and there – the minerals in this ingredient is great for repairing skin cells and removing oil and grime。

Oily skin calls for the added green clay ingredient too. It draws out the excess sebum and impurities, leaving your pores clog-free and evens your skin tone.

For those with a combination skin type, with an oily T-zone but dry patches on your cheeks, not to worry! The green konjac sponge is the ultimate sponge for your skin because it controls the amount of oil produced by your skin and moisturizes the dry areas of your face as well.

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