How often should I use konjac sponge
- May 14, 2018 -

How often should I use konjac sponge?

Konjac sponges are so gentle that they can be used on the face and body for every skin type every day. But if you're not into daily exfoliation, we suggests that using one of these sponges just two to three days per week will get the job done. Just make sure to replace your Konjac sponge every one to three months, or when it begins to noticeably deteriorate.

Konjac sponge function:

Ideal for oily, teenage and blemish-prone skin

Relax your hyper-sensitive skin

Draw out those oils and toxins that cause stubborn spots and acne

Balance that PH

Treat yourself to an intense cleanse everyday

Purify those pores

Mix it up – use your K-Sponge with or without cleanser for the same revitalised result

100% natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and contains ZERO colouring or additives. Absolutely no chemicals are used in the making of our products

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