Jojoba Oil for Acne Scar Removal
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Jojoba Oil for Acne Scar Removal

Jojoba oil is a liquid oil that is naturally sourced. It contains many natural compounds and properties that naturally get rid of acne. It works as an antibacterial, which is suitable for acne caused by propionibacteria. It also works as an anti-inflammatory for already existing acne conditions. The oil will help your pimples to heal faster.

The moisture in the oil works to soften your skin, which is necessary no matter your age and skin type. Often people with acne repeatedly wash their face with soap, which strips out its natural oils and causes flakiness. This leads to over-active production of oil, as your oil glands are trying to compensate for the drying.

This is a condition that has you running around in circles. But using the jojoba oil covers both problems: an antibacterial to get rid of your acne bacteria, and a soothing serum to help keep your skin balanced.

Konjac Sponge Benefits:

1. Deeply cleansing the blackheads, dirties and excess grease inside the pores.

2. Dispel the acne & pimples.

3. Moisturize the skin naturally.

4. Balance the skin pH.

5. Ideal for baby skin and hypersensitive skin.

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