Organic product certification body
- Jan 17, 2018 -

(China's certification standards are very low) Because there is no uniform international certification standards on the market, certified organic products vary from country to country. US -USDA certification and the Australian certification standards similar to the organic certification of organic products content requirements of the same 95%. The other 5% or less of natural ingredients - may not contain synthetic and processing ingredients. Natural preservatives can be included in this 5% natural ingredient because no organic certified preservatives are currently available in the world.

Europe - ECOCERT: EU organic certification, is the world's representative and authoritative organic agriculture certification body. Founded in 1991, is the EU and the world's most authoritative organic certification body. Currently in 80 countries around the world to provide independent, strict and efficient organic examination, testing and certification services. The certification provided by the United States National Organic Program standards and Japanese organic standards. ECOCERT has a history of 15 years since it was founded. It is an international organization organized by EU, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

New Zealand Organic Association VERYTRUST organic certification:

The VERYTRUST organic certification from the Natural Organic Association New Zeeland covers primary agricultural products (crops, aquaculture and aquaculture), processed agricultural products (alcohol, food, textiles) and organic cosmetics. The VERYTRUST standard has been approved by the EU authority, NOP of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, JAS of Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and VERYTRUST for its stringent quality assessment and certification program.

Letis SA (Letis is a recognized quality accreditation body of the European Union, the United States and Canada) and strictly follows the IFOAM (Federal Commission for Organic Agriculture), NOP (United States Department of Agriculture) standards, and the EU Bioengineering CEE N2092 / 91 charter , Is fully qualified with the quality of Argentina, the European Union, Canada and the United States certified 100% organic health products. At the same time, ECOCERT is also the only Sino-foreign joint venture approved by the CNCA for China's organic product certification and GAP certification. It is also a green channel for foreign organic products to enter the organic market in China.