Organic product level
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Here it is necessary to say that OFC and USDA have adopted four organic-level representation:

1,100% organic certification: made of 100% organic ingredients;

2, organic certification: made of at least 95% organic ingredients;

3, made of organic ingredients: Contain at least 70% of the organic ingredients, GMO-free (GMO)

4, the label contains organic ingredients: the product contains less than 70% of the organic ingredients can be said on the package, but the product can not be marked on the front of the packaging of organic products logo name. However, many cosmetic companies often find fault with this problem, landscaping their own products for organic products.

So in the choice of the real organic products to choose the highest standards of organic products.

As the demanding organic skin care products, so the cost is relatively high, the price is quite expensive.