Product differentiation
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Recently, many people ask me how organic matter is, is not it pure natural skin care products?

This view is right or wrong. If the cosmetics to the classification of raw materials, can be roughly divided into: chemical skin care products (our daily use), natural skin care products, organic skin care products. It can be said that organic products must be natural, but natural products may not be able to get organic grade! Or, natural products than organic products far worse. Because the organic is "ID card."

Just as the "green food" logo requires rigorous verification by the relevant agencies before it can be obtained, the "organic" designation has to undergo heavy certification. In general, "organic skin care products" than the "pure natural skin care products," the concept and quality of excellence. Because it is strictly limited from raw materials for skin care products, natural materials in the culture, growth, extraction, production of the environment (such as soil) and the process, from gene variants and artificial chemical addiction must be certified by the organic Of organic plant extracts. Organic skin care production process is subject to very strict supervision, the need to specify the proportion of organic ingredients included, as customers reliable basis for the purchase.