What Type of Konjac Sponge Should You Choose?
- May 15, 2018 -

how do you choose what type of Konjac sponge to use?

If you've seen these little exfoliators around, you might know that they come in a variety of colors. And those colors aren't just for aesthetics. Each color represents a different type of infusion to target various skin types. 

White Konjac sponges are generally pure root-fibers that are super gentle and will help balance the skin's pH.

Green Konjac sponges are usually infused with a clay to target combination/oily skin and draw out impurities to keep the complexion clear. 

Red Konjac sponges are commonly infused with a clay to target dry skin that helps clear out pores and hydrate the skin. 

Black Konjac sponges are generally infused with charcoal to target congested or acne-prone skin and draw out impurities and detoxify pores. While the implications of these colors are fairly consistent across different brands that sell Konjac sponges, make sure the one you choose is made in Japan or Korea. Because the konyaku plant is Asian-cultivated, a more authentic and effective sponge will be made from the roots grown in one of these two countries.