Facial Cleansing Rectangle-thick Green Tea And Aloe Mixed Konjac Puff

Facial Cleansing Rectangle-thick Green Tea And Aloe Mixed Konjac Puff

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Facial cleansing rectangle-thick green tea and lemon mixed konjac puff

Product details:


Place of origin:Hubei, China(Mainland)

Function:Effective moisturing, soothing and calm sensitive skin

Material:100% natural konjac powder+bamboo charcoal powder



Size:10.0*7.0*3.0 cm(Dry)

Color:green and yellow

Type:green tea and lemon mixed konjac sponge

Applicable:Both adult and baby

Certification:SGS ISO9000 GMPC MSDS

Validity:5 years in dry state; 2 years in wet state


1.100% Natural And Eco-Friendly

2.Improves Skin Texture

3.Brighter Looking Skin

4.Prevents Spots,Blackheads And Breakouts

5.Easy-To-Hang Suction Hook

Product picture:


Konjac Sponge insight Cleansing

In order to improve skin's problem of cuticle melanin, rough skin, etc., engineers have conceived much whether on manufacturing of modeling or selecting of materials.

Using 100% pure natural konjac Powder, it has significant effect oncleansing oil.

Being weak acidic, it takes away grime hidden in skin pores, removes surface keratin, effectively tightens the pores, thus making skin smooth and elastic.

Daily use of the konjac cleansing sponge promotes body metabolism and blood circulation, and balances skin's pH value. The sponge, with soft material, is suitable for whole body cleansing and massage. With comfortable wipe feel on face, it remains the most prevalent cleansing product in recent years.


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