Half-ball Yam Konjac Sponge KS905CY

Half-ball Yam Konjac Sponge KS905CY

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Product Details

Half-ball Yam Konjac Sponge KS905CY

Product Name:Half-ball Yam Konjac Sponge KS905CY

Item Number: KS905CY

Shape: Half-Ball

Size: 6.0*2.5cm

Material: Konjac root,yam

Glucomannan purity: above 95%

Yam Konjac Sponge Benefits:


Reducing wrinkle formation

Deep cleanses skin pores and eliminates blackheads & oil.

Naturally moisturized your skin.

Manufactured through a natural process.

No Preservatives + No coloring + No addtives + No Plasticizer.

Bio-degradable + Naturally sustainable + Eco-friendly.

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