Heart Shape Aloe Konjac Sponge

Heart Shape Aloe Konjac Sponge

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Product Details

Heart Shape Aloe Konjac Sponge

Product Name: Heart Shape Aloe Konjac Sponge

Item Number: KS9042AL

Shape: heart shape

Size: 65*60*20

Material: Konjac root,Aloe

Glucomannan purity: above 95%

How to identify the authenticity of 100% natural konjac sponge?

Generally, we will firstly identify whether the product is 100% pure or natural. Just cut a little part and ignited, if there is no spilled colloidal component (visible to the naked eye), it will be white ash after burned and can be identified as konjac sponge.

Secondly, the touch of feeling, generally speaking, the composition of konjac sponge is glucomannan, which has a high sugar content and a high content. The natural fiber product is relatively lubricious and not rough.

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