About Konjac Sponge
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Product selling Point
Division I produced Betel pepper juice vegetableschinese (konjac) sponge is a can eat "skin care", betel pepper juice vegetableschinese (konjac) Cleansing cotton using 100% pure natural konjac fiber produced.
1, does not add any sterilization, does not contain the essence, plasticizing agent, each product has passed the layer examination before the market, can guarantee the product absolute green, safe.
2, Konjac is the main ingredient of dextran, the main role of Dextran is moisturizing lock water deep cleansing and anti-inflammatory sterilization.Division I of Konjac Glucomannan content in more than 95%, the higher the content of plant fiber, the higher the strength of the sponge is not easy to disperse and decay, the effect is better.
3, Dextran-also can maintain betel pepper juice vegetableschinese (konjac) itself clean function, sponge surface has countless 3D small holes, the sea on the water, bacteria, dust, through a small hole can be discharged with the flow of dirty things, there will be no filth, easy to breed bacteria problems.Storage mode: Natural Air-dry or refrigerator storage.
4, Betel pepper juice vegetableschinese (konjac) sponge is a weak acid, can effectively synthesize the ph value of the skin, deep cleansing pores, remove pore garbage, with strong cleansing ability.The quality of the Konjac sponge is extremely gentle and the friction is no longer harmful to the skin.
Sensitive skin and even infant skin can be cared for.Long-term use is a skin-care tool that can be truly skin-nourishing.
5, our products after testing the total amount of bacteria within 100, while the international provisions of skin care products bacteria content is within 1000.is lower than the bacterial content of skin care products.We are real skin care tools that can be cured.

6, some companies produced sponge is not called sponge, is a synthetic sponge.This one contains other additives and is poisonous, not to mention skin care.Some companies also called Konjac Sponge, but Jerry, from which to add starch, or high starch content.So that the sponge can not be used Giurai, a period of time to break up.What's more, it is called natural chemical synthetic sponge, only in the sponge added konjac this plant ingredient in the inside, its essence, or belong to a synthetic sponge, is not pure natural, more do not have skin, skin care effect.