Benefits Of Konjac Sponge
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Benefits of Konjac sponge

The Konjac sponge is mainly used for cleansing and exfoliating both face and body. It can be used with or without an actual cleanser; If you do use one, you'll need a lot less than you normally would. One of the biggest benefits of the sponge is how gentle it is. In fact, it's so gentle, it can even be used on babies and is a great alternative to harsh shampoos and soaps.

It's a great exfoliator, and because it's so gentle, it can be used daily. This means a beautiful glow for you. Depending on which variety you choose, these spongy darlings can also help you fight acne and absorb oil. There is one for dry, sensitive skin, too. The sponges are also used to remove makeup, though you should use a regular makeup remover for your eyes - you don't want any traces of mascara left behind. Another lovely benefit is that these babies are 100% biodegradable, so you can compost them when you're done.

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