Cleaning Sponge Principle
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Only need to use water to clean sponge, no detergent, super decontamination, save time, effort, convenience, gently wipe can remove stains.

The biggest difference between high-density cleaning sponge and traditional cleaning methods is that the product adopts the mechanism of physical decontamination and relies on the nano-capillary opening structure inside the sponge to automatically adsorb the aged dirt on the surface of the material during the wiping process, Vacuum cleaner at work, just water, no detergent can easily remove the dirt. Cleaning sponge with 99.9% natural antibacterial effect, non-chemical cleaning agents, non-toxic and harmless, powerful, not hurt the hand, is both economical and environmentally friendly products.

Cleaning sponge does not hurt the surface of the material, does not hurt the skin, no residue, is an environmentally friendly products. Cleaning sponge can be cut into different sizes, to facilitate the use of different items or range. The use of a cleaning sponge is very simple, as long as it contains enough moisture to be used like an eraser to remove dirt.