FAQ About Konjac Sponge
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Q: What is Konjac sponge?
A: Konjac sponge is a konjac (Konjac, jelly raw materials) against water, after the high temperature cooling after the formation of cleaning tools.It is soft, does not stimulate the skin, betel pepper juice Vegetableschinese itself with the polysaccharide structure has a strong gel function, can not hurt the skin in the case of clean deep dirt.

Q: Why use Konjac sponge?
A: People's customary way of washing is not very good to clean the face.Towel rough and easy to breed bacteria, cleansing cotton and other cleaning tools can not clean deep dirt.Konjac itself with the absorption of dextran and water soluble characteristics, soft texture can not stimulate the skin in the case of deep cleansing of the face, to achieve clean and do not hurt the skin effect.

Q: How to use Konjac sponge?
A: This product meets the water to soften, waits 3-5 minutes to its full softened after the water wiping face can.Use the water to squeeze dry (avoid to squeeze), hang in the ventilated place air-dry.PS: Water is a favorable condition for the growth of bacteria, dry environment can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.If you can seal the packaging stored in the fridge better.

Q: Can you use it in hot water?
A: Can be in the normal temperature of the face, bath water use.

Q: Do you want to add facial cleanser when using?
A: It can be added without adding.Facial cleanser contains a large amount of chemical ingredients and preservatives, for natural cleansing cotton is harmful, may affect the product life and the destruction of KONJAC polysaccharide structure.such as the cleansing of the ingredients at ease, cleansing cotton can rub out a lot of foam OH ~ wash very comfortable.

Q: The price is slightly higher?
A: This product is different from Taobao on a few dollars a inferior sponge, is made of pure natural konjac.In Hong Kong's excellence, salsa, domestic Watson, can do price comparison.Such authentic products are not less than 20RMB in addition to special activities.

Q: How long can this product last?
A: We advise customers to exchange 1 months and 1.

Q: Besides face, where can it be used?
A: In addition to face, you can take the place of bathing ball bath, and even to the children to rub pp.Soft touch does not hurt children's tender skin.For washing my face I recommend similar to the size of a small steamed bun type, for bathing I suggest the use of large rectangular type.
What Brand is Q:bebevisa?

I've never heard of it before.
A:bebevisa is Wuhan Wuhan pyrene Biological Technology Co., Ltd., the independent brand.The company before the export of foreign trade, year-round participation in the Canton Fair.Turn to do the domestic market has to Watson, Poly-Mei excellent products, such as domestic brands to do Foundry, is independent Bebevisa this brand.

Q: Are there any other shapes and functions in this product?
A: Based on years of market experience and market feedback, for facial cleansing I recommend this small steamed bun type, for the body I recommend large rectangular type.According to different skin conditions, there are pure, collagen, bamboo charcoal, lavender, etc. more than 10 kinds of different effects of products, please customers according to their own circumstances to choose to use.

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