Freezing Dry Konjac Towel
- Jul 11, 2018 -

freezing dry konjac towel

Ingredients: Natural konjac glucomannan

konjac towel VS the normal towel:

When you wash your face or body with towel, you will feel quite rough. But with konjac towel, there is no rough and stimulating feelings, you can only feel mild and soft; The towel is only an accessory for bathing, but konjac towel is of the effectiveness of cosmetic skin care when washing. 

How to use:

1. Open the bag, put into water for cleansing for a while. (Never use when it dried hard, which will cause skin damaged)

2. Wash the body with soap, and without washing off the soap bubbles. Gently massage the body in circling motion.

3. After using, rinse it in the water, and keep in dry place or in cool place.

Note: the product is a kind of natural vegetal fiber, if mildewed and cellulose decomposed, please change a new one.

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