GMPC Passed---High Quality Konjac Sponge Guaranteed
- Jun 25, 2018 -

GMPC Passed

Quality is always our principle.

With the strict quality control, our factory acquired GMPC.

All of our konjac products including konjac sponges,wipes and mask are strictly tested.

How to identify the quality of konjac sponge?

The quality of a konjac sponge can be Identified from the following four aspects.

1, water absorption: high quality konjac sponge has good water absorption.

2. Softness: Konjac sponge is used for skin care. It will be in contact with skin. If it is rough, it may damage the skin and accelerate skin aging.

3. Elasticity: The konjac sponge should have enough elasticity to give a more even and gentle massage during daily use.  

4. natural: High-quality konjac sponge should be processed from 100% natural material. It does not contain any chemical products such as PVA. After the product is discarded,the degradation rate can reach 90% if buried in the soil for 2-3 months. It will not cause any pollutant.

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