How Konjac Sponge Works
- Jan 15, 2019 -

How konjac sponge works

Washing with just water? Yes, you read that last paragraph right. It is the addition of calcium hydroxide that makes the sponge naturally alkaline which allows it to balance acidic skin. Harsh cleansers that strip your skin force you rely on other products to re-balance your skin pH and can trigger excess oil production leading to breakouts. Konjac sponges allow you to avoid using these products and use just water to effectively cleanse your skin, removing dirt and oil,  leaving it cleanhealthy and balanced.

This doesn’t mean you must stick to water however when using a konjac sponge if you feel it doesn’t do enough for your skin on its own. You can use a gentle natural cleanser with your konjac sponge for a deeper clean. It will also struggle to completely get rid of your makeup, we recommend using a natural makeup remover before cleansing, particularly for eye makeup.

If you do end up using a cleanser, you will find you will need a lot less as the konjac sponges texture makes it go a lot further.

Cleansing with a konjac sponge also helps to stimulate blood flow and encourage new skin cells, revitalising the complexion without damaging the skin. When used as part of a skin care routine it helps relieve skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

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