How Many Colors Of Konjac Sponges Do We Produce?
- May 15, 2018 -

How many colors of Konjac Sponges do we produce?

located in Wuhan Optical Valley - Biomedical Park,Wuhan Bebevisa Biotech Co., Ltd. ,has capacity of manufacturing 1 million konjac sponges per month with cooperation of RD,Production department,Device Technology Department and Test Department.

There are more than 200 types of konjac sponges for your choice and new konjac products are launched every month.

Different Colored konjac Sponges Signify Different Active Ingredients.

Here are our product list:

Pure: Deep Cleansing Gently Exfoliating 

Lemon: Brighting and whitening Reduce Pigmentation (LM)

Rose: Detoxifying Beautifying nourishing skin (RS)

Peppermint: Control oil and refreshing Anti-inflammatory (PT)

Green Tea: Firming and smoothing Antibacterial Antioxidant ,Radiation protection (TP)

Blueberry: Nourishing and whitening Repair and antioxidant  (BB) 

Aloe: Nourishing and moisturizing,Antianaphylaxis  (AL)

Pearl Powder :whitening refreshing smoothing  (PL)

Pine Powder : whitening refreshing (PP)

Yam : reduce wrinkle   (CY)

Chitosan: Moisturizing and antibacterial whitening   (CN)

Bamboo Charcoal: absorption and control of oil eliminate blackhead and exfoliating   (CO)

Lavender: mild nature sedativeto treat anxiety, difficulty sleeping, nervousness, and restlessness  (LA)

Lycopene: Delay aging repair sunburnt skin with antioxidant   (LY)

Loess: Whitening Reduce the pigmentation    (LS)

Collagen: Anti-wrinkle repair cell regeneration recover elastic   (CP)

Silk Collagen: improvs skin    (CCP)

French Red Clay: removing toxins    (FCR)

French Green Clay: removing toxins   (FCG)

French Pink Clay:  removing toxins (FCP)