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My two Konjac Sponges comes from Bebevisa. However, you can get the same sponges in a duo pack from Andalou Naturals for a decent price at iHerb! I ideally bought two as one for myself and one for my boyfriend: one soft sponge with pink clay for sensitive skin and one with red clay for dry skin. But he never seemed to make a habit of using his. The pink clay sponge has been used more often than the red clay sponge and it isn’t until now – 2 and a half years later – that it’s starting to look worn out. But no mold and it’s not like it’s falling apart or anything like that. It can definitely still be used for the body or reused in another way.

Some try comparing the Konjac Sponge to a Clarisonic, and I’m like “Honey, they are two different things!” The Konjac Sponge is a great complementary tool, especially for taking off facial masks and just for some gentle exfoliation in general. Will it make your skin baby smooth? Yes, and no. It really depends on the type of sponge and your skin type. But they are very price-worthy that it doesn’t hurt to have one hanging in the bathroom!

In the beginning, I was worried about their alkaline nature. They are marketed as “pH balanced”, which either makes you believe it has the same pH as the skin (slightly acidic) or just neutral. But rumor has it that they are alkaline and that’s why for some people the sponge may not work out.
However, after using it for the past years I’ve never had an issue with it. And while doing my research I came across this blog post by Veronica Gorgeois, busting the myth! Where we find out that the Konjac Sponge, if anything, is in the ideal pH-range to work as a cleanser!

As I’m looking to replacing the pink clay sponge, I’m happy to see how many different infusions that has come to the market! The Konjac Sponge Company recently came out with two new: one with Chamomile for irritated skin and one with Green Tea to purify the skin. But also Andalou Naturals has their convenient duo packs: Clarity+Enlightenment, Polished To Perfection and It’s Okay To Be Sensitive. I’m really not sure if the infusions give anything, but it’s fun to know it’s in there, you know.

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