How To Determine The Quality Of Konjac Sponge
- Jan 17, 2018 -

To determine the quality of a konjac sponge mainly from the following four aspects to consider.

1, water absorption: high quality konjac sponge has better water absorption.

2, smoothness: Konjac sponge for skin care, product use and human skin intimate contact, if rough, it may damage the skin and accelerate the aging of the skin.

3, flexibility: konjac sponge should have sufficient flexibility in the daily use of the process can be passed on average to the skin contact surface to produce a more even and soft massage strength.

4, natural: high-quality konjac sponge should be 100% pure natural processed, does not contain any chemicals such as PVA material, the product is discarded, buried in the soil 2-3 months if the degradation rate can reach 90% The basic environment will not cause harm.