Konjac Sponge Use
- Jan 17, 2018 -

1. The facial cleanser foam painted on the face, with a konjac sponge to wash the circle, the action should be light, 30 seconds on it.

2. With konjac sponge to clean the face of the T-site and feel more oil parts, finger cleansing products in the face knead open, and then rinse with water, and finally with a konjac sponge gently tap the water on his face. Remember to pat dry, try not to rub the action, because the skin surface is very fragile.

3. Wipe the face more narrow parts, konjac sponge can be folded to use.

4. Konjac sponge immersed in the water come out clutching, his hands will leave some water droplets, at this time must not be thrown off the water droplets, the correct method of wiping his hands is: alternately one hand back to the other holding konjac konjac Sponge palm, with its palm konjac sponge wipe the water droplets on the back of the hand.

5. Run out of konjac sponge, clean it with a mild cleansing products, put it in a ventilated place to dry on it.