Natural Cosmetics
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Natural cosmetics refers to the natural plant extracts extracted ingredients developed from cosmetics. Natural plants refer to all agricultural and sideline products that come from the natural agricultural production system and are manufactured and processed according to the international natural agricultural production requirements and corresponding standards and certified by an independent natural certification body, including food, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, livestock Products, honey, aquatic products, spices, cosmetics and even natural foods, textiles, forest products, biological pesticides, natural fertilizers, they are collectively referred to as natural products. That is, the natural soil that is not polluted by pesticides and chemical fertilizers is naturally planted to grow in the closest natural way, and no synthetic compounds, fertilizers and genetically modified technologies are used in the growth process, nor are they processed during the production process Any synthetic chemical composition. From the processing, production, packaging the entire process are in line with environmental protection and health principles. Natural certification of international standards require an independent third-party certification body each year from planting, processing, manufacturing, to the entire process of wholesale finished product review. If the land had been used fertilizers, want to reach the natural soil, must be used within 7 years without any fertilizer and authoritative certification can be regarded as natural and natural. If DDT was used in the soil, it would take 30 years for the pollution to separate and clean up, so there are only a few natural soil environments in the world.