New Beauty Skin Concept
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Natural cosmetics: Natural skin care products in addition to the plant ingredients, must be naturally certified natural plant extracts from the composition, the product can not add artificial flavors, colors and petrochemical products and other skin-harmful ingredients, which are added Preservatives and surfactants must be strictly limited, and the manufacturing process can not be used animal experiments and the use of radiation sterilization, the formula and process is very complicated. In addition to providing consumers with all the ingredients marked and the correct information, the composition of the biodegradable or not, the environmental protection of packaging recycling, as well as manufacturers of social welfare and responsibility are being regulated.

If you say "natural" is just a noun, it is better to say that it is a new trend of skin care, and is nowadays popular concept of "happy life" is very similar to "natural care" tend to "natural way to improve skin care" , Through various effective measures to enhance the natural protective function of the skin and promote the skin's own repair and renewal, so that the skin becomes more healthy and beautiful. It represents, and not just a product, it should be a new concept of skin beauty.

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