Rose Water Of Bebevisa
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Rose Water
Our Rose Water can be drunk.We chose the rose from Bulgaria Damascus.
1. One-time purification
2. Natural extraction
3. Oral level
4. Preservative-Free

With a strong aroma, rich in active organic ingredients.Once purified, never repeatedly used to extract the rose essence oil after the flowers, completely ensure the perfect rose pure dew quality.And at this point the Rose Water contains all the essences of the Rose.
Main effect:
1. Can effectively remove free radicals, restore skin health bright white;
2. Nourishing the skin, meticulous pore, high efficiency moisturizing;
3. Directly penetrate to the base of the skin, strong antioxidant ability, can effectively prevent skin aging;
4. Regulates female hormones, regulates endocrine, soothes mood and helps sleep.