Skin Care Tips In Summer
- Mar 29, 2018 -

1. Oil-Water balance
High temperature in summer, moisture in the skin evaporates rapidly, lack of water resulting in strong oil secretion, pan oil serious, to the autumn although there is no summer heat, but because of dry air, moisture is very easy to evaporate and become more dry, so to strengthen moisturizing, maintain skin oil and water balance, reduce skin problems.

2. Sunscreen Care Although the autumn sunshine is not so sinister, however, sunscreen this step is not indispensable, even if there is no sunlight, so that the skin is also invisible to the damage of ultraviolet rays, not only to apply sunscreen before going out, but also with other sunscreen tools, to avoid the erosion of ultraviolet rays.

3. Face soft skin relative, facial cleansing is our daily essential things.Doing facial cleansing can help us to clean the dirt on top of the skin and the residual makeup left over.Help the skin to dredge pores, plus we each 5-10 minutes of massage, this time can be very good to speed up the circulation of blood, can be a good promotion of the skin of a metabolism, so that our skin can be free to breathe.can also be very effective to help reduce blackhead and acne, wash the face after the massage, make-up lotion, can be more conducive to skin whitening

4. Moisturizing the arrival of the autumn, the weather slowly turn cool, air moisture and humidity, resulting in the skin has to face dry tension, so to strengthen moisturizing, in addition to the choice of moisturizing products, but also to use skin products, better moisturizing, moisturizing skin, for the skin deep water, firmly lock the moisture in the skin, Moist and not tense.