The Cosmetic Effect And Function Of Seaweed
- Mar 26, 2018 -

The cosmetic effect and function of seaweed

1, seaweed moisturizing effect is very good, can enhance the skin water retention, improve the moisture of the skin, so that the skin becomes more tender.
2, seaweed can wrinkle, seaweed is generally a beach in the shallow water growth of a marine plant, mainly used to make a gel with the role of seaweed glue.Increase the tightness and elasticity of the skin, so that the relaxation of the skin to restore the state of youth, thus playing the role of removing wrinkles.
3, help, improve the skin's immune and protective effect.Repair due to exposure, lack of sleep caused by dark spots, in the emerging dark spots, rapid annihilation.
4, because the seaweed set water retention and tightening in one, to adjust the dry and oily skin secretion, so that the skin slowly tends to neutral skin, and shrink compact capillary.Computer radiation, oil secretion too much will bring large pores, the use of seaweed mask can make pores meticulous, but also whitening.
5, through the function of cell shape memory, replenish collagen for skin, repair original damaged or sunken skin, restore normal condition of skin.
6, effectively improve the expansion of acne scar skin or subcutaneous tissue injury, as well as deep wrinkles or other soft tissue defects.Fix acne and acne scars.It has the function of regulating oil secretion and anti-inflammatory sterilization, especially for acne with good therapeutic effect.