The Function Of Pine Pollen Fiacial Konjac Sponge
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Pine pollen contains rich amino acid can be absorbed by skin cell, but also contains all natural vitamins needed to skin cells and enzymes, therefore pine pollen konjac Sponge can promote skin cells to reduce chloasma, The new supersedes the old., hudieban, acne and other skin problems, users stay white ruddy and elastic health skin.

Skin care and beauty pine pollen has a good therapeutic effect on skin disease. Un-broken pine pollen have very strong water absorption, which can dispel dampness astringency and hemostasis, topical hemostatic, comfortable anti-inflammatory, without stimulating the skin, no allergies and other side effects; have good therapeutic effects on eczema, impetigo, skin erosion, concentrated water dripping, traumatic bleeding, diaper dermatitis. Especially for infants and young children's skin cleansing and prevention and treatment of infantile eczema, good curative effect, quick effect. 

Pine pollen is effective in preventing and treating skin pruritus in the elderly, and it can also prevent and cure bedsore. Because the pine pollen contains rich amino acids and all natural vitamins and a variety of enzymes, it can enhance skin metabolism, increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging. Vitamin C, vitamin E and B coordination function, so using pine pollen konjac ficial cleansing sponge can activate cells, free radical scavenging, blocking chloasma, buterply spot, eliminate skin melanin, reduce and remove acne, make skin beautiful and white.