The Introduction And Function Of Konjac
- Mar 21, 2018 -

Konjac, it is a root plant, also called glucomannan.

China has a wide planting area.Perennial Arisaema herb Plant, the raw konjac will have small poison.

Use is very extensive, Konjac is a big family, about hundreds of the world, China has more than 30 species.

After nearly more than 10 years of research, Konjac has been made into Konjac fine powder.There are hundreds of kinds of foods made from Konjac.It has been proved that it has many functions, such as lowering fat, reducing sugar, preventing cancer and laxative.Konjac contains Glucan, is a macromolecule, has a strong water absorption, after the volume can be expanded 80-100 times, after eating easily digested and absorbed.And can absorb cholesterol and bile acid, to reduce blood pressure, reduce cardiovascular disease attack has a certain effect.

Konjac also contains soluble dietary fiber, this fiber to inhibit postprandial blood sugar is very effective, so konjac fine powder and its products are diabetic patients with the ideal hypoglycemic food.After application, it can reduce the burden of pancreatic islets.Konjac has a variety of disease prevention and health functions, often eat konjac food for the health benefits.

Because the bonding of Konjac Glucomannan is similar to that of cellulose, it can not be degraded into monosaccharide absorption in the small intestine, so it is suitable for diabetics who can't take too much sugar.Because of this, Konjac can be used as the raw material of diet food.




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