Water Shortage Symptom
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Water shortage Symptom 1:
Dead skin, dandruff, skin.
Skin lack of water causes cuticle to fall off and cause skin, peeling.

Water Shortage Symptom 2:
The skin is slightly urticant, tense, the veneer has tingling sensation.
Long-term skin lack of water or intermittent lack of water in the skin cells can not get enough water will lead to dry skin, the veneer has a slight tingling sensation and micro-itch.

Water Shortage Symptom 3:
Acne, Acne Printing
Skin lack of water will lead to water and oil imbalance, so it is easy to cause acne, lack of water, skin metabolism is poor, more prone to leave smallpox printing

Water Shortage Symptom 4:
Dark Yellow Matte
Lack of water skin easily cause skin cells aging new cells die easily, without the function of repair and cause skin dark yellow opaque matte.

Water shortage Symptom 5:
Skin without moisture on the face of the case will make skin elimination of toxins accumulated under the skin caused by allergies and other symptoms.