What Is A Konjac Sponge
- Jan 02, 2019 -

What is a Konjac Sponge?

This little squishy (when wet) miracle is made from the root of the Konjac plant. It's 100 percent natural and has a gentle exfoliating action, which makes it ideal for all skin types. Plus, it's rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish your skin. Think of it as an improved version of a loofah.


Most Asian people have been using Konjac as food and medicine for over 1,500 years. The sponges made from this root exfoliate and nourish the skin while helping minimise the signs of ageing. Due to their gentle action, they can be used on a daily basis.


The Konjac sponge has a wide range of applications, from helping to gently exfoliate to makeup removal. It won't take long for this nifty little sponge to become your best friend as you see the results from it removing dead skin cells and debris, and getting rid of acne-causing bacteria.

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