What? No Soap To Clean Your Face
- Feb 12, 2019 -

What? No soap to clean your face?

I know that sounds weird but the sponge itself has alkalinizing and cleansing properties that makes soap unnecessary. I like it too because it’s a gentle and safe exfoliation for our skin. I think this will help us have less wrinkles. Look how good men’s skin looks and they’re always exfoliated with a daily shave.

Here’s how I use my konjac sponge

First I get the sponge good and wet by running it under water. Once it’s soft, rubbing in circular motions around my face. I use the konjac sponge to take off makeup like blush (but not my eye makeup), and to simply cleanse my face. Once I’m finished, I rinse the sponge out well to remove makeup residue, and then hang the sponge to dry.

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