which konjac sponge is best
- May 24, 2018 -

which Konjac Sponge is best?

There are no best konjac sponges. It depends on your skin condition and funtion you wanna acheive

Like acai bowl toppings options at a yoga retreat, so too are the variety of konjac sponges. While they’re all made from konjac root, there are a variety of “mix ins” that cater to specific skin issues or concerns.

Oily, acne-prone skin? Look for a konjac sponge that contains charcoal. It’ll deep-clean pores and help draw out impurities. It’s also a natural antioxidant, which means it kills the acne-causing bacteria hiding on your face.

For irritated skin, calming ingredients like chamomile and green tea konjac sponge are your best bet. Said to have anti-allergic properties, chamomile will work wonders on angry, dry skin as it soothes and softens. Both chamomile and green tea are packed with antioxidants as well

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