Why The Natural Konjac Mask Will Be The Main Trending In Skincare Field?
- Sep 06, 2018 -

why the natural konjac mask will be the main trending in skincare field?

Now more and more people pay attention on natural skincare, at the same time, consumer become more strictly on choosing the skincare products.Then the organic and natural konjac mask has been popular now:

1. Because the konjac sponge is very mild,after swelled by water, there will be a water film on the surface of sponge.

The water film is a barrier between the skin and the sponge,the skin can be avoided to be touched directly by the fibers, so it is very mild and does not harm the skin.

2.Clean hair and pores: water film is weakly alkaline, can neutralize the decomposition of weakly acidic dirt and stains in the pores. Therefore, the skin can be effectively cleaned even without using soap.

3.Smooth skin: rely on the power of plants to clean and keep the skin healthy. Therefore, the skin can be made very smooth.


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