Green Tea Konjac Mask

Green tea konjac mask Bebevisa Co., located in Wuhan Optical Valley - Biomedical Park, is a company dedicated to improving human health and at the same time also committed to the earth environmental protection cause of natural environmental protection material company. For many years, Bebevisa...

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Green tea konjac mask

Bebevisa Co., located in Wuhan Optical Valley - Biomedical Park, is a company dedicated to improving human health and at the same time also committed to the earth environmental protection cause of natural environmental protection material company. For many years, Bebevisa has been using natural materials from all over the world instead of chemical raw materials, created with natural herbs and an essence of the earth without replacing the original value.


Our products have absolutely no use of artificial pigment, chemical composition, animal ingredients, or tests on animals! The products using these materials can protect your skin and health, all while being environmentally friendly.
Biodegradable materials are our research topic, taking "herbal" line, seriously excluded all chemicals, our philosophy "household articles should be as safe and healthy as food", establishing the "plant" and "organic" basis.
In Hubei province in China, we have konjac base, and in Weinan City in China, we have Rose damascena base.

We are specialized in producing natural, organic and eco-friendly skin care products. We look forward to making more and more clients with our high-quality natural skin care products.


Natural Konjac Series, it made from natural vegetable fiber 

The konjac mask joined with Tea Polyphenols Catechins, its can help inhibit the information of free radicals. It also can protect skin from being damaged by oxidization and UV naturally to keep skin flexible, tight and smooth. It has a soothing and moisturizing effect.


How its functions:

1. Natural konjac vegetable fiber; gentle and non-irritating.

No additive, no coloring, no fluorescer, no chemical, no stimulation: Suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Light and invisible; close-fitting and comfortable

Konjac polysaccharide with unique high viscos, easy to close-fitting skin and prevent skin being stretched.

3. Ergonomic cutting and close to facial contour

Filling the skin fine lines of mouth and nose corners. All-around Nourishing and caring your skin.

4. Making skin naturally breathe with unique network texture.

Chic network 3D hole leading the konjac nutritional ingredient into the skin, help skin to breathe freely. Best water-locking ability!

All down to your personal taste.


Product name: green tea konjac mask

Colors: Green

Size: 245*215*0.1MM


Ingredient: AO water, Glucomannan Fiber, green tea, PE

How to use:

1.     After cleansing, absorb in the purify water, then apply the mask onto the face.

2.     Remove it after 5-8 mins.

3.     Lightly pat the skin with your essence for complete absorption.


Keep out of reach of children. This mask is not edible, do not attempt to eat. 


Manufacturer: Wuhan Bebevisa Biotech Co. Ltd.

Address: #2, 1-4F, Building 17, Phrase1.2, Wuhan Optical Valley International Biomedical Enterprise Accelerator, No.388 Gaoxin Road Two, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan 430079.

Production license: Wuhan-cosmetics 20170008

Origin: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Tel: (0086) 400-027-8518


Made in China

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