Moisturizing Konjac Mask

Moisturizing Konjac Mask

Product Description Our products have absolutely no use of artificial pigment, chemical composition, animal ingredients, or tests on animals! The products using these materials can protect your skin and health, all while being environmentally friendly. Biodegradable materials are our research...

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Moisturizing konjac mask

The base material is derived from the konjac roots with extra fine texture, unique 3D plant pore network

structure, natural moisturizing factor (KGM), rosa rugosa flower water containing rose essence and high

active beta-glucan extracted from oat combine perfectly without preservatives. Persistent water locking,

deep water replenishing, intensive moisturizing are main benefits. It also improves dryness, roughness,

uneven skin color and other issues, enhances skin elasticity, makes skin delicate, soft and glossy.

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1.After facial cleansing, open the bag.

2.Squeeze out extra essence gently, apply the facial mask to the face in the right position.

3.Gently press and tap to make it serve, keep it for 15-20 minutes. After removing it, wipe off the liquid on the face or dab the face to make it naturally dry, then cleanse face with water.

4.After use, wash the mask and squeeze out extra water gently, put in the bag, place it in the fridge or hang in the ventilating place until the next time use.

5.Daily moisturizing. Continuous use for 3 days, and then two times a week. When placed in the fridge, the effect is better.



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